Canine Lodging

At Paws in Paradise Luxury Resort & Spa, all dog boarding guests enjoy a private suite complete with a cozy bed, flat-screen television, and password-protected 24-hour webcam viewing capabilities.  To provide the highest level of security and supervision, staff will remain on site 24/7.

Guests will have fully monitored, shared access to outdoor play yards.  Playgroups and business walks are scheduled intermittently throughout the day, and followed by in-suite rest time.

Special Needs Guests, including those with medical conditions or aggressive temperament may be charged an additional fee of $15.00 per day.  Special Needs Guests will receive private access to play yards and individualized one-on-one attention.

Unaltered guests are charged an additional $15.00 fee.


4 x 4

16 square feet

Recommended for small dog breeds or teacup families


4 x 6

24 square feet

Recommended for medium and large breeds or small dog families


4 x 8

32 square feet

Recommended for extra-large breeds and most dog families

$43 per day $48 per day $53 per day

Family pets lodging together will receive a 30% discount for the 2nd and 3rd dog (and any additional dogs in the same room).

*Paws in Paradise Luxury Resort & Spa reserves the right to separate lodging families in the event of aggressive or unsafe behavior.

All boarding guests will need to complete a temperament test, where we observe your dog’s behavior toward our Animal Attendants as well as other dogs.  A temperament test can be completed during a Day Resort reservation prior to boarding or on the first day of boarding ($15.00).

                                     Regular Daily Schedule*

5am – 6am Morning business walk
6am – 8am AM meal & digest
8am – 11am Outside play – Group rotations
Room service
11am – 1pm Midday snack or lunch & digest
Nap time
1pm – 6pm Outside play- Group rotations
Room service
6pm – 8pm PM meal & digest
8pm – 9pm Outside play – Group rotations
9pm – 10pm Evening business walk
10pm – 6am Lights out

Our overnight attendants work to clean and disinfect the entire facility.  They also perform hourly checks on all boarding guests throughout the night.

*This is an example of the regular schedule followed by the attendants throughout the day.  Weather may affect the schedule.

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