Canine Lodging

At Paws in Paradise Luxury Resort & Spa, all dog boarding guests enjoy a private suite complete with a cozy bed, flat-screen television, and password-protected 24-hour webcam viewing capabilities.  To provide the highest level of security and supervision, staff will remain on site 24/7.

Guests will have fully monitored, shared access to outdoor play yards.  Playgroups and business walks are scheduled intermittently throughout the day, and followed by in-suite rest time.

To maintain a safe environment for our staff and pet guests, all pet guests are subject to a Temperament Test prior to any boarding reservations.  Temperament tests are from 10am to 5pm, and cost $30.00.  Owners are requested to bring a toy or blanket and a small amount of food or treats to be used during the evaluation. PLEASE NOTE: Temperament tests are NOT daycare days.  Pet guests will go out in playgroups, but may not have as many play group rotations as regular daycare guests while they are being tested.

Special Needs Guests, including those with medical conditions or aggressive temperament may be charged an additional fee of $28.00 per day.  Special Needs Guests will receive private access to play yards and individualized one-on-one attention.

Unaltered guests are charged an additional $15.00 fee.


4 x 4

16 square feet

Recommended for small dog breeds or teacup families


4 x 6

24 square feet

Recommended for medium and large breeds or small dog families


4 x 8

32 square feet

Recommended for extra-large breeds and most dog families

$45 per night $50 per night $55 per night

Family pets lodging together will receive a 25% discount for the 2nd and 3rd dog (and any additional dogs) in the same room. A $28 day resort fee will applied on the last day of the stay if the guest checks out after 12:00 pm.

*Paws in Paradise Luxury Resort & Spa reserves the right to separate lodging families in the event of aggressive or unsafe behavior.

                                     Regular Daily Schedule*

5am – 6am Morning business walk
6am – 8am AM meal & digest
8am – 11am Outside play – Group rotations
Room service
11am – 1pm Midday snack or lunch & digest
Nap time
1pm – 6pm Outside play- Group rotations
Room service
6pm – 8pm PM meal & digest
8pm – 9pm Outside play – Group rotations
9pm – 10pm Evening business walk
10pm – 6am Lights out

Our overnight attendants work to clean and disinfect the entire facility.  They also perform hourly checks on all boarding guests throughout the night.

*This is an example of the regular schedule followed by the attendants throughout the day.  Weather may affect the schedule.

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