One of the unique features at Paws in Paradise Luxury Resort & Spa are the webcams.  All our dog suites are equipped with a private camera, so you can log into our online portal and check on your pet(s) 24/7, no matter where you are in the world.

Private webcam – suites

Can’t find your pet in their suite?  View our outdoor cameras and see if you can spot them in one of our play areas.  The outdoor play areas are public viewing and no password is needed, so if you have some time to kill or need a puppy pick-me-up, you’ve come to the right place!

Public webcam – play areas


Having trouble seeing the webcams? 

Here are the two main issues that typically prevent our clients from seeing the live stream on the webcams, with solutions how to resolve. If you still have an issue, please call us at 706-750-9042, and we can walk you through the process over the phone.

Black screen instead of video: The online webcam view requires Adobe Flash to see the live view.  If you see a black screen, Flash is not enabled or OnlineDoggy is not listed as a “safe site” to use Flash in your browser.  In Google Chrome, click the Chrome Menu icon on the far right of the address bar (3 dots), then Settings and scroll to the bottom, click the Show Advanced Settings link, click on Content Settings (under Privacy and Security), under the Flash setting, ensure the setting is marked Allow.  Then, return to your webcam page, refresh the page, and the webcam stream will start. If you do not have the free Adobe Flash Player installed, or need help updating the settings for another browser, please refer to:

Naptime image instead of video: This image appears when your internet connection is too slow, or you are trying to view the cameras from an internet connection that is preventing you from accessing the cameras (such as work or a hotel). Try refreshing the page, if the image still appears, you will need to use a different internet connection to access.  You can also use the mobile app ODoggy for your Android or iPhone to view the cameras.  Make sure you are connected to your wireless carrier’s internet connection for the app, and not the wifi at your work or hotel. Please note there is an in-app charge to use for ODoggy, which is not related to Paws in Paradise Luxury Resort & Spa.  The charge is by OnlineDoggy in support of their app.