Feline Lodging

Being away from home can be an especially stressful time for cats.  To provide the most comfortable and low-stress environment possible, Paws in Paradise Luxury Resort & Spa created our cat boarding facility, Purr Paradise, which is housed in our smaller, more serene building.

The 5-story design of our Feline Luxury Suites provide the vertical space necessary for climbing while allowing for separate litter, food/water, and sleeping areas.  In addition to a communal flat-screen television, all luxury suites face a large, highly active aquarium, providing hours of visual stimulation.

Periodically, cat boarding guests will be invited out of their suites for independent play sessions in a play suite.  They will have access to toys, scratching posts, and climbing equipment.  Pet guests will not be forced out of their suites nor interact with any other feline guests (unless from the same family).

Luxury Suites are $25 per day

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