Day Resort

Paws in Paradise Luxury Resort & Spa offers a dog daycare resort for a physical and social experience for our canine guests. Our guests have a fun, active, and safe stay with the ability to make new friends. Since our boarding services set us apart from others in the area, our daycare program is just as exquisite! Our staff divides our canine guestsinto play groups based on size, temperment, age,and special requests from the owner. Our trained staff supervises the play group 100% of the time to ensure the safety of your pet while in their play group.

Day Resort              $26

Half Day Resort     $14      *5 hours or less

Hours:       Monday – Sunday            7am – 6pm

We highly recommend making a reservation to secure your dog day care spot.

Day Resort openings are dependent on the boarding reservations scheduled for the day.

We encourage owners to join the Day Resort Waiting List if you are interested in obtaining a Day Resort slot. Based on availability,  we approve or deny Day Resort reservations at least 3 days prior to the selected reservation date.

Day Resort Amenities

  • Dogs receive a private, luxury suite reserved for your pet
  • For Social Dogs: Fully monitored, small group play and in-suite rest throughout the day
  • For Non-Social Dogs: One-on-one play with a trained staff member and in-suite rest throughout the day. A Special Needs fee may apply.

Play Groups

  • Initially, our staff groups our guests by size, temperament, age, and energy level. Our guests are taken outside for group play 4 to 5 times during a full Day Resort stay.
  • Our attendants remove antisocial dogs who do not play well with other guests and receive individual play with an attendant (fee applies for all future reservations).


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